Would you like to choose to not be scared? Or is that scary?!

Today I am going to a Virgin Atlantic ceremony where Paris Howard-Hall will be receiving her wings. After 5 hard weeks training (you wouldn’t believe what they go through) she is officially “Virgin Crew” “Trolley-Dolly” “Cart Tart” what ever you want to call her. Today though, also symbolises the end of an impressive and inspiring journey. 3 years ago, Paris came to me with a serious phobia of flying.

The thing about phobias, is that choosing to let go of them, is also scary. Which when you think about it, doesn’t make immediate sense. Wouldn’t it be nice not to be scared? Naturally though, the very fact we are scared, would suggest that we believe we are protecting ourselves in some way. If we let go of the fear, then what will protect us? You would be free to fly all over the world, or learn windsurfing in Australia (where there could be sharks) go swimming (out of your depth) speak in front of hundreds of people. Eat in a restaurant (where the food could be poisoned)…just a few of the things my clients have done after one session.

I have learned that when you remove a phobia, the client goes straight towards what they were once scared of. I didn’t anticipate that when I started working with phobias. None more so than Paris!

In one session Paris:

  • Who used to panic for weeks before she got a flight.
  • Changed her will.
  • Called her Mum crying, saying she was going to die.
  • Took prescribed medication to keep her calm.
  • The list goes on, as you can imagine.

Was no longer scared of flying, in any way what so ever. So much so that she applied repeatedly to work as Cabin Crew for Virgin (only Virgin would do) That is enough really isn’t it, as far as over coming obstacles and chasing dreams!? Then though, Paris saw me again for a fear of water, because in order to pass her Cabin Crew Training, she had to swim 25 meters and tread water as well as inflate a life raft. Needless to say, she did this too.

So tonight I’m going to put on a long dress with my fanciest sequin jacket and clap a lot as Paris gets her wings. I will think of everything she has over come to be there and I will think of all the people who choose to let go of their fears, so that they can go straight towards them and I may (definitely) shed a few happy tears. It is a reminder that we can all do anything, if we put our mind to it and if you would like a hand getting started, I’m always free for a chat.

Virgin Atlantic get a strong, inspiring and dedicated team member today. Happy flying.