Have you ever been scared, but done it anyway?

Then you are truly brave. I didn’t wait to hear your answer, because I know that if you really think about it, there will be a time when you chose bravery over fear, even if it was turning the light out, on your own, in a dark hotel room (one of mine) or taking the lift (despite it being a small, confined box, full of people, held up by rope gaaaaa) or walking into the interview with a smile on your face, even though you would rather run in the opposite direction as fast as your interview shoes will take you.

We’re brave. YOU.ARE.BRAVE. And we can be proud of ourselves.

Now join me in thinking (I’ll do it too) if I gave you a magic wand that you could use just once, for a one off guaranteed life changing moment, like a career change, emigrating, signing up to online dating (and actually going on a date) coming out, leaving your current relationship, joining the gym even though lycra isn’t your friend, or starting your own business, what would you choose? If you knew it would be a success and everything would work out well…….

Now spend a few seconds imagining it’s happened, how does it feel? How does it look?…

Fear of failure is the biggest thing that we put in our own way. I went paddle boarding a few weeks ago, and fell off spectacularly every single time I tried to stand up!! So I stopped trying to stand up! Then I realised that I would never succeed if I just stayed kneeling down (and my knees hurt!) So I decided that the more times I fell in, the prouder I would be of  myself, because that showed I was doing my best. Anywho…

When we let a fear of failure, stop us from even giving it a go, we have of course already failed. Lets celebrate ours and other peoples failures, in a genuine way, so that we immediately get back up on the paddle board and laugh in the face of failure fear, because we are all willing each other on to succeed and enjoy the feeling of flying over the water. There is room for us all to succeed, it’s not a competition. Who wants a life of kneeling on the paddle board? Not me.

So here is your magic wand, and I would love you to use it. What will your first brave step be? When will you take that step? And how will you celebrate taking that step (reward yourself every step of the way) If you want some support, I’m always here (we can make a plan)

I want to use my magic wand to do an inspiring TED talk on Mental Health in new Mothers. My first step, is telling you! I’m going to celebrate once I click “Publish” by having a glass of wine, or 2! I’m also going to go paddle boarding again, but not after the wine!

I’d love to hear your plans…..Lets do it together!