Why my house might be a mess if you pop in!

The phrase “spending time” never really meant much to me, until I heard a wise man say, “if you had to pay £100 for 24 hours of life, would you spend your time differently? Would it have more value to you!” Yes, I thought.

I find when I can look at a day, in those terms, it grounds me in the here and now and we can really ask “what would the best way to spend today be?” It does mean that I quite often decide that house work is not the best use of my day! And it has meant a lot of late nights out, eeking every last penny from my day!

I know that when I look back over my life, I won’t care how tidy my house was, or how many early nights I had. What sort of life do you want to look back on? Have a think…………

An exciting life, full of adventure, love, kindness and bravery? (that’s what I’d like to see)

My theory is, that if we place a value on every day, knowing what our ultimate life would look like, we’ll make focussed decisions that will give us the life we’re looking for.

Now, there is also the danger that you could wake up in the morning and think to yourself “if I paid £100 for today, how would the day best be spent” and then freak out with the pressure! And through experience I would say that it’s fine to choose to spend some of that £100 on a bit of a nap or a box set sort of day! You’ll know when that’s money well spent.

I believe in balance, but that’s a whole other blog.

It’s a brilliant tool for helping make decisions, if you’re not sure what to do, take the job, leave the job, break up, declare your love! Travel, go back to college, think “what would I like to look back on?” And you’ll have your answer. It cuts through all the fears and things we put in our own way (maybe see my last blog Ever Been Scared But Done It Anyway?)

With constant re-evaluation, because our priorities change of course, we do have the power to create the life we want. For example, now, sometimes, an early night is exactly what I’ll want to look back on. Night night…..

Ps, That sounded rude, I didn’t mean it in a rude way!!!

Pps, Time is money, will you be frivolous or focussed?

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