Have you got that Sunday evening feeling, with work looming large?

To quote Dr Zeus “Today is your day, you have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you may take yourself, in any direction you choose”

How empowering and exciting! Not so if you feel like your feet have to take you in the direction of a place you don’t want to go of course. I wish I could take that Sunday evening (sometimes starts at Sunday lunch time even) impending doom, irritable, anxious feeling away for anyone that gets it. So many of my clients see me for it..

Assuming you have to work for a living, what direction would you like your shoes to take you in tomorrow?

I have a bit of a dislike for some social events where everyone asks each other what they do, because so often what people do, isn’t what they are. What are you?

In my line of work I have the pleasure of meeting a lot of people and what never fails to amaze me, are peoples hidden talents and passions. Artists, singers, dancers, graphic designers, mechanics, cooks etc, and yet, they are in a job that has nothing to do with their natural strengths. No wonder there’s a shared dislike for Mondays! Imagine if we all loved our jobs, Monday would rock!

Imagine a world where Mondays rock…

So, why are so many of us in jobs we don’t love? Because we believe that’s just part of being a grown-up? Because we don’t know what we want to do? or because we don’t think we’re good enough to do what we actually want to do?

I want to focus on that last reason for a moment. I remember watching a well known TV chef and my Mum saying she was awful and had no idea what she was doing. I thought, but she’s on telly! How can she be on telly if she’s rubbish? The answer is, because she doesn’t know she’s rubbish! She thinks she’s good! Self belief. If you don’t go for your dreams, other people who are less good, will, and they will succeed. There will always be someone more qualified, more experienced, more confident, more attractive with more impressive fancier long words and a flat tummy! All that actually matters, is your intention to work hard and be as f%*@#!g good as you can be.

I bet there is a politician in the States who considered running for president, but thought they weren’t good enough and I bet they’re kicking themselves now!

What makes a professional? Is it only people with degrees and letters after their name? No it’s absolutely not. Some people are just born with amazing talents, some people practice in their own time and don’t have any certificates for their efforts, some learn on the job, some read everything, some people just LOVE something. Either way, there will be a moment when it’s time to step up, or Mondays will probably never be your friend.

I watched Barry Gibb in the legend slot at Glastonbury earlier. In the interview after, he said it’s always terrifying just before going on stage. What bravery really, to have that terror, so regularly, and to over come it until you’re deemed a legend. What if all those years ago, he had thought “oh no I’ve got a bit of a squeaky voice, people might laugh at me!”

If you just don’t know what you want to do, focus on finding out what you don’t want to do and the gap will narrow.

If you think that not loving your job is part of being a grown up, I agree, I have found that as a grown up, we do seem to have to do stuff that I might not choose to! But not 5 days a week, until retirement.

Are you fulfilled and are you fulfilling your potential? I’m absolutely here if you want to talk it over and come up with a plan. Or you can do what I’m going to do this week, be more Barry Gibb…

And to quote another genius “He who dares, wins Rodney”

Happy Monday all x


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