Business Coaching

Business Coaching, Learning & Development.
What works? What doesn’t? and what could work better? Taking a fresh view of company policies, staff productivity and motivation, staff retention and wellness, ensures that you are maximising on the resources already available to you.

Various reasons for coaching and training within a business exist. Staff Motivation, Productivity and Retention being among the top reasons. The chances are if you find yourself reading this, you already have an idea of what you are looking to achieve, so please give us a call. You may also find inspiration in the most popular business workshops below.

• Motivation and Team Building. Focus on shared goals, re-connect with company values, allow colleagues to learn more about one another all whilst having a huge amount of fun.

• Effective Communication for Success. Noticing sabotaging language patterns in the work place, replacing them with more effective ones, noticing non-verbal communication, yours and theirs, matching language patterns to achieve rapport and influence outcome.

• All on Board. Empower team members to take the initiative with-in a structured frame work, arm them with listening skills, the ability to create well-formed out comes and work together as a united team, through adult conversation and shared goals.

The above workshops will give the participants lifelong tools to use and will carry on giving long after the workshops have finished. Please call for more details or to request a bespoke workshop which will meet all your needs, we like to talk.